Parade Safety Rules for Sligo St. Patrick’s Day Parade

In order to ensure a safe, enjoyable day for everyone taking part in the Parade and for onlookers the following rules have been prepared with safety, health and welfare in mind. These rules must be adhered to by all float operators and those walking in the parade.

Senior members of An Garda Siochana will be on duty all along the route and on the reviewing stand so normal road safety rules still apply – i.e. driving with due care & attention, wearing of seatbelts by everyone travelling in vehicles and wearing of cycling helmets by all cyclists.

Parade Rules

  • All drivers of vehicles and their passengers in the cab must wear seat belts as they drive in the parade
  • All floats that utilise flat trucks where people are standing or performing must have full barriers on all sides to prevent these persons from falling off.
  • All equipment protruding from the boots of cars or placed on flatbed truck trailers must be secured from falling off and must not overhang so that it may hit onlookers.
  • If generators are being used there must be sufficient ventilation to allow carbon monoxide to disperse and silencers to keep noise to acceptable levels.
  • Anyone bring animals through the parade must control the animal and have a second person with them to clean up if the animal soils the parade route to prevent others slipping in the mess.
  • Any animals travelling in the cabs of vehicles should be secured.
    Children must be secured in some way if they are to travel in the back of a jeep or other open vehicle
  • Floats will not be permitted to have persons lying on the top of vehicles with nothing to secure them from falling.
  • Persons on floats are prohibited from giving/throwing anything to onlookers (including sweets).
  • Drivers of floats must not allow excessive gaps to occur between them and the vehicle/group in front, in order to minimise risk of onlookers entering the parade route.
  • The Safety Officer will be checking all floats at the Parade start point on Mail coach Road and s/he reserves the right to stop any floats or other persons from taking part if they do not adhere to these rules.

Please check back for updated rules.

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